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XTRABANNER 75 User Licenses Vouchers

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The product was conceived from our customers’ need for a reliable and stable solution that enhances the mailing infrastructure in the organization instead of over burdening it, or your ever so important outgoing email traffic. U-BTech is a veteran in Microsoft infrastructure and IT services as well as product development and all our knowledge went into making this product as Exchange friendly as possible. We always push ourselves to work only with the latest technologies and to be in the front line of IT knowledge - XTRABANNER is no different. It’s supported on the latest Exchange 2007/2010/2013 servers as well as versions that will be released in the future. The product prides itself on being the most reliable and stable while offering the best performance available – You and your users won’t even notice any performance difference. XTRABANNER contains most of the features available in similar products as well as some exclusive genuine innovations. Furthermore, our roadmap is well planned ahead and as with all our other products, we constantly improve, maintain and release new features and updates.


XTRABANNER's Architecture

XTRABANNER’s Email enrichment platform is built upon Exchange server technology and requires at least one Exchange 2007/2010 HUB server or Exchange 2013 Mailbox server to be installed in the organization. To completely mitigate the risk of a single point of failure, the product supports multiple Exchange HUB servers for redundancy, reliability and stability. All your email correspondence stays private and does not go through any proprietary servers, inside or outside of your organization.

The system consists of three main components:

  1. The Banner Engine: Installed on your Exchange HUB transport servers, or an Exchange mail relay server.
  2. The Configuration Point: Installed on any supported Windows server and stores statistics, configured campaigns and rules.
  3. The administration console: Installed on any supported 64bit/32bit Windows Client. A simple, easy to use, user interface that allows for full campaign management.

We Believe in Our Products!

U-BTech’s XTRABANNER e-mail enrichment platform is installed on our own Exchange servers and is being used daily to enhance all outgoing company mail.


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