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Wondershare SafeEraser Vouchers

You can find Wondershare SafeEraser Vouchers and Coupons. Browse beneath to find each of our Wondershare Software Co., Ltd. discount vouchers, special discounts not to mention deals. Start saving your money with Wondershare SafeEraser Vouchers Straight away!

Here is our Wondershare Software Co., Ltd., Wondershare SafeEraser Overview

100% Permanent Erasure of Your iDevice’s Data, Nothing Recoverable

Whether you are planning to give away your old iDevice to a friend or relative, donate to charity; sell on eBay, or trade-in for something new; you never know where your old device will end up. Don’t leave your personal information vulnerable to identify thieves; ensure it’s not recoverable by permanently wiping the iDevice with EafeEraser – think of it like a digital shredder.

Simple deletion is not enough. Wondershare SafeEraser offers the most effective and safest data protection solution available by permanently wiping all personal data from the device and resetting system setting with just one click. Afterwards, there’ll be no other data recovery tools that can recover any personal data from the device; not even Wondershare’s Dr.Fone. Wondershare SafeEraser, a genuine“clean slate” solution to give you peace of mind when disposing of your old iDevices.

3 different modes to erase data safely from your iDevice

Wondershare SafeEraser offers three different modes to permanently erase content from your iDevice depending on your needs:

Low (1 pass): erases your iDevice quickly

Wipes off data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with fastest speed. This option writes a single pass of zeros over the entire device, saving you time.

Medium (2 passes): no one knows the data on your device is erased

It leaves no traceability of data erasure. This option writes two passes of random data followed by a single pass of known data over the entire iDevice. All existing and deleted data on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch will be overwritten by random data.

High (3 passes): meets the DOD 5220 - 22 M standard

This option is by far the most secure data destruction option. It writes over the data 3 times by using the DOD 5220 - 22 M standard. Even a government’s facility with the state-of-art data recovery technology won’t be able to retrieve data afterwards. This mode takes longer but is the safest.

Possibility of data recovery: ZERO

Before using Wondershare SafeEraser, please be aware of the tips below:

Back up the data that you don’t want to lose before erasing the iDevice using SafeEraser.

Remember that once SafeEraser does its thing, the erased information is unrecoverable

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