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WinZip 17.5 Standard Vouchers

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Now it's even quicker and easier to zip/unzip files for fast, efficient, and secure uploading/downloading, emailing, and storage! WinZip 17.5 delivers fundamental architectural improvements, a simplified design, and significant new file sharing functionality. Highlights include:

  • Brand new zip engine for high-speed zipping
  • Streamlined menus and tools for an even better user experience
  • Groundbreaking Desktop Gadget for instant access to key WinZip functions

Increased Zipping Performance

Building on WinZip’s state-of-the art technology, WinZip 17.5 introduces an entirely new and powerful zip engine. Enabled by WinZip 17.5's performance architecture and taking advantage of multi-core processors and multi-threaded support, this zip engine creates Zipx files 30% to 50% faster than the previous version while still achieving the same impressive compression results. The new zip engine also compresses certain standard Zip files up to 25% faster!1

NEW!Performance architecture provides a plug-in framework for major enhancements in file compression and encryption.

NEW!Brand new zip engine provides significantly faster zipping rates while retaining the same high quality compression

Ribbon Interface

Usability Breakthrough

In addition to evolutions in user interface design, WinZip 17.5 introduces a revolution in file compression and file sharing with its groundbreaking desktop gadget. This innovative tool is your express portal for key zipping tasks. Now you can zip, unzip, and email files without opening the WinZip application—simply drag files onto the appropriate WinZip Desktop Gadget tab for instant compression, decompression and email capabilities.


Ribbon Interface

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