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Whois Scraper is your best choice when you need a simple and easy to use software that can automate the process of finding, scraping or extracting domains whois contact information in bulk. Information that can be retrieved include: name of the owner/administrator, organization's name, physical address, email address, phone number, fax number, created date and expires date.

Whois Scraper can also find and extract newly registered domain names. It can also send email messages to the scraped email addresses. It can export the whois and domain data in MS Excel format (.csv), rss format (.xml), MySql format (.sql) and compressed Zip archive format (.zip). You can also choose the fields to export and filter out domains that contain bad words.

It is the only whois scraper that can find newly registered domain names, that can send email messages to the scraped email addresses and also allow you to export extracted data in several different formats which could be used for various purposes. It is also the fastest and the only whois scraper that can allow you to make money off it. It could be used by many users at the same time and also supports multi-threading. You won't need any other whois scraper.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is to add domain names and click start. If you don't have domain names that you want to add, just use the domain finder feature to find and extract newly registered domain names. You can also add proxies so that you can extract more data. It can also extract whois data and domain names continuously and non-stop using cron jobs.

The following are some of the things that you can do with Whois Scraper:

1) Scrape bulk domain whois contact information
2) Find & extract newly registered domain names
3) Scrape domain names form Google, Yahoo and Bing search pages
4) Send messages to scraped email addresses
5) Extract data using proxies
6) Choose the fields to export
7) Export data in MS Excel format (.csv)
8) Export data in text format (.txt)
9) Export data in rss format (.xml)
10) Export data in MySql format (.sql)
11) Export data in Zip archive format (.zip)
12) Scrape data using cron jobs
13) Plus much more...

It is very easy to install and use. Multiple users can also use a single installation. It allows the owner to create unlimited number of other users and share the tools with them. It could also be a great source of making money, by charging the other users for the usage access.

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