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Have you ever wondered how to add high quality speech to your presentation? Maybe you are looking for a female voice with a British accent, to add narration to your corporation’s videos. Or maybe you need some dialog to help make a point in your products tutorial. The solution is the VoiceOver Speech Sequencer… A simple audio plug-in for your video editor.

Product Features: • Phrase Level Timing - for a more precise and natural sounding narration • Phonetic Translation – because some text is pronounced different than is apparent • Volume and Balance Controls – to allow variations in speech, or dialog between two or more people Applications for VoiceOver include: • Narration for tutorials • Demonstrations • Video Help System • Corporate Announcements • Any application where it is necessary to add speech to a video.

Flexibility: Here’s a scenario that will showcase the flexibility of the VoiceOver Speech Sequencer. Imagine, needing to change only 1 word in a video production. With VoiceOver, you simply type the new word, and the audio track will speak the new word. It will only take minutes to change words, or change the timing of words.

Building a VoiceOver Solution: In any production, video, or audio, it is best to create smaller subparts such as scenes, chapters, or songs in an album. VoiceOver refers to these smaller subparts as tracks, and there are normally 1 to 5 minutes long. When creating a long production, you may have 2 or more of these tracks within a video presentation.

The VoiceOver Speech Sequencer includes 2 components: • The VoiceOver MS-Word Plug-in for Microsoft Word • The VoiceOver VST Plug-in for your Video Editor

Example Videos: Each video in the help series uses VoiceOver for the narration. These videos are medium quality, and each was created in about an hour.

For a better understanding, please watch these videos: VoiceOver Speech Sequencer

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