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Voice Reminder EX is a compact and convenient reminder for Mac OS X. The program takes seconds to install and then sits quietly in the system tray consuming a bare minimum of system resources. As the name suggests, Voice Reminder EX supports voice and text reminders, which, however, can also be automatically read aloud using a TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine. The software supports flexible reminder configuration, including recurrence, instant search in reminder descriptions and global shortcuts.

- Voice and text reminders

For your convenience, the program allows you to supply your reminders with a voice message or a text description that can be voiced by a TTS (Text-to-Speech) engine. This handy feature won’t let you miss a reminder even if you are away from your computer and are not looking at the screen.

- Instant search

If you are a busy person with dozens or even hundreds of reminders scattered across the calendar, you will be able to find the necessary one in a wink of an eye. The program searches reminder descriptions and instantly shows a list of matching reminders.

- Flexible reminder configuration

You can specify the exact date and time a reminder should be activated at or set a period of time after which this reminder will go off.

- Recurrent reminders

If you need a reminder to go off periodically, you can configure its recurrence pattern: daily, on specific days of the week, monthly, yearly.

- Ease of access

Voice Reminder EX features can be quickly accessed from any application you are working in using global shortcuts. It saves time and effort when you need to quickly set a reminder and get back to work.

- Always at hand and ready to work

Voice Reminder EX is always there when you need it. No need to start the program every time you want to schedule something – the program is right here in the system tray.

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