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USB-AV Locker 2013 Vouchers

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Here is our Usb-Av Antivirus, USB-AV Locker 2013 Description

Removable devices in most cases represent a serious threat to the safety of our computers. In addition to its ability to automatically infect computers with viruses can also be used to steal or copy information without our consent.

When connecting a new device USB-AV Locker shows an information dialog where you can decide whether or not to authorize new hardware. Also lets remember the type of action or behavior, and it change depending on the device to be connected. In addition to regulating the connection of traditional storage media like Flash Memory, External Hard Drives and SD cards, also detects all kinds such as IPhone, Digital Cameras, Webcams, fingerprint readers and others.

Among the novelties of this program stands full compatibility with Windows XP than even is designed to run perfectly on Windows 8. It has a simple appearance with some features of Metro style dominated by light blue colors. A convenient visual interface allows to easily interact with each of your options. It will be available in all major languages and enables to modify or add new translation files.

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