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Categorize Mails: 
When you are at the receiving end of hundreds of mails, managing them is not an easy task. You may find it difficult to decide which mail to see and/or respond to; you may find it difficult to decide which mails you can handle later or "safely" defer. You may accidentally miss responding to important mails even when you are the primary recipient. You get lost amidst the deluge of mails that hits your inbox. So, if  you are looking for better email management then tZirr is the answer. tZirr is designed to streamline handling of your mails keep you from falling into the black hole that is your current inbox. Nowadays, To: and Cc: fields in an email have almost become synonymous. We help you make the distinction clear. The “Categorize” feature of tZirr automatically colour codes all the emails in your inbox based on the presence of a recipients mail id in TO, CC fields.
Explore Attachment:
You waste precious time searching for the right document attached to mails, and most likely, lost in a jungle of attachments. Generally one has to view each mail to get to know about an attachment. With Explore Attachment feature, tZirr helps to get to an attachment faster without opening/viewing any mails. On a click, a window lists attachment that are recieved through mails and has options to sort, fliter based on attachment type etc. It makes ones life so hassle-free it’s almost a pleasure searching for attachments. 
Pen & Explore Thoughts:
What do you do when you feel the need to jot down your thoughts for your eyes only before you respond to a mail? Presently, press Reply/Reply All and jot down thoughts in the body of the mail and save the mail as a draft. Sometimes it is possible that you accidentally send the draft without collating the data or more embarrassingly without removing your notes. 
 tZirr saves the day. With the Pen Thoughts feature you can add Thoughts to a mail. This will be ‘for your eyes only’ and will never be sent along with the mail. 
With ‘Explore Thoughts’ feature, one can even see which mails have Thoughts tagged to them and go through all the Thoughts in the Thoughts Explorer.
Bundle Mails:
What do you do when you have to forward several mails? You either manually click Forward to each mail or send several mails as an attachment. Also the recipient cannot later search (by actual sender’s name) for the mails forwarded. What do you do when you have to save just a few mails in a particular sequence? 
The Bundle Mails feature of tZirr allows you to select a set of mails and save them as a PST file. You send it as an attachment or you can save it for later as an archived file. For this you need not select an entire folder; you can create neat little bundles of mails. The search result based on your specific criteria can be bundled even though the mails are across the folders.
Reply All Alert:
Reply All is a boon and most of times a bane for email users, especially when there are group IDs that sends mails to everyone in the organization. Reply All is the single-most feature that augments spam generation in copious amounts. Just because everyone was copied doesn’t mean that everyone should get everyone's reply. Hitting Reply All indiscriminately would definitely flood everyone's inbox in no time! And waste productive time to boot! 
Reply All is almost akin to a swear word in today's corporate world. For some users, unconsciously, ‘Reply All’ will be a habit. A feature of tZirr to ‘Alert’ will make you stop and think whether you really want to Reply to All.

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