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Need a reminder? No problem! Set it up easily with TimeBell ! TimeBell - program reminders of events. Is there an important event you don’t want to miss? Use TimeBell to remind you! But TimeBell doesn’t stop there. TimeBell automates reminders and many repetitive computer actions for you. Once created in TimeBell, you will never have to worry about them again! What a time saver, your computer will remember to have that program up and running, even if you can’t be there! TimeBell with its reminders and advanced capabilities, makes it simple! The TimeBell program is easy to understand, even someone new to computers will find it easy to get started. There is even a convenient desktop calendar. New in this version TimeBell: -Function to enable or disable the execution of tasks from the "TimeBell window of tasks" by clicking the right mouse button on the desired task and select in menu disable or enable.  At predefined time TimeBell can: - open a reminder window with your text (image can even be added to it) - start up predefined program or open a file - close selected a program - open a predefined website - switch off monitor, shutdown, put it to sleep or put it to standby mode, change PC user. - show window with countdown 1 minute before action with powerPC - change the wallpaper of desktop - send an email using a predefined e-mail address - accompany task by the sound - synchronize time with atomic clock All these tasks can be executed once or periodically (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). All tasks can be performed in any combination, together or separately. The number of TimeBell tasks is unlimited. At start-up, TimeBell notifies you about any missed tasks. You can view the list of tasks on present day at starting program. If you use multiple computers, you can transfer the data file with all the tasks of TimeBell between them via external storage or through Internet.You can even create TimeBell tasks remotely through Internet.

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