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  • Unlike 'free' email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, HotMail, and AOL, we will never scan the contents of your inbox or use or sell information about you to advertisers.
  • Your inbox shouldn't be a billboard. You will never get ads when you're checking your messages.
  • Two ways to communicate: Set up your private inbox where only selected friends and family can contact you. Or send secure emails to anyone outside of the network.
  • Emailing can be fun. Send messages that are set to Vaporize after a set amount of time once they're opened.
  • Our secure email service has robust anti-spam, anti-virus and encryption software built in, so you never have to worry about viruses and hackers.

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Vaporize Clock
Introducing Vaporize, the ultimate feature for secure communications.Vaporize lets you set the amount of time the receiver has to read your message before it disappears!


In the Private Network, you will never again have to search for important messages in a crowded inbox. That's because you can select to only receive emails from people in your contact list, completely eliminating spam and unwanted emails.
Delete Mail


Unlike other email providers, when you delete a message, it is permanently removed from all of our servers within 24 hours, giving you the highest level of privacy and security available.

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Send secure email to anyone outside the network as well as receive emails from anyone that has your email address.

Connect with family, friends, and others inside your own private network. Only those with access to our Secure Server can send and receive communications with each other.
Dual Network

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Switching is fast, easy, and only $29.95 per year.


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