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Tabbles allows the user to categorize, sort and search files/folders by linking them to the concepts they are related to. These "concepts" are shaped as a bubble and grouped in color coded categories: these are the tabbles (standing for tag-bubbles). Files and folders can be linked to as many tabbles the user needs: this solves the problem "should I store this file in folder A, in folder B or folder C?". When the user will need that file, all you will not need to remember the path of the folder where the file is stored: all he needs to remember is what that file was about, and describe it (using the Combine feature) using the tabbles: the software will then guide the user to that file in natural and user-friendly way.

Key features of Tabbles:

The Combine feature: Find your files by thinking of them.
The Combine feature will show you all the files linked to the each one of the tabbles you are combined. This means that each Combination will show you all the files, folders and URLs grouped by the concepts they are related to, and not by their location on the hard drive. A Combine can be explained as a logical AND operation: the innovation introduced by Tabbles is the way this operation is performed.

Horizontal browsing: navigate through files based on their relation
Horizontal browsing represents a groundbreaking improvement in the file-browsing: it allows you to navigate throughout your files and folders based on the tabbles they are linked to. This will allow you to search, browse and sort files which are located far away from each other, but are a cross-linked to same tabbles. Horizontal browsing is tightly linked to the Combine concept: it consists of dynamically modifying combinations of tabbles.

Tabbles is well integrated into the Microsoft Windows environment: categorization can be done using the usual explorer functions, such as copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop (keyboard shortcuts and right-button menu included) or using the buttons on the tabble.

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