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Tabbles was developed as an easy to use solution to categorize and find a large amount of files which are not parseable.

In other words, Tabbles is system to organize files using a relational database running on top of a file system and to perform complex queries to the db using an innovative GUI.

Tabbles allows the user to categorize, sort and search files/folders by linking them to the concepts they are related to. These "concepts" are shaped as a bubble and grouped in color coded categories: these are the tabbles (standing for tag-bubbles). Files and folders can be linked to as many tabbles the user needs: this solves the problem "should I store this file in folder A, in folder B or folder C?". When the user will need that file, all you will not need to remember the path of the folder where the file is stored: all he needs to remember is what that file was about, and describe it using the tabbles: the software will then guide the user to that file in natural and user-friendly way.

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