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Complete Stellar Smart Finder Review

We generate a large amount of data on our Mac in due course of time. It is practically impossible to remember the location of all the files in the system. Stellar Smart Finder comes for great help in locating and sorting files in your Mac.

In addition, you can get details about its size, date of creation etc. The software has two impressive modules ? `Disk Usage? and `Duplicate Finder?. The file path is shown in three styles, such as `Sunburst View?, `Column View?, and `List View?.


  • Locates and sorts files in your Mac volumes
  • Impressive graphical view of folders and drives
  • Shows the file path, size, and date of creation etc
  • Duplicate Finder option to find and remove duplicate files
  • `Quick? and `Strict? scan options to search files and folders
  • Works with external storage media
  • Define file size for automatic duplicate file removal
  • Option to define `Set Exclude List? and `Auto Select Preferences?
  • Open or Remove files and folders with the software
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