Spyera Review & Voucher Codes

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Spyera Review & Voucher Codes

Spy Software for Cell Phones and Tablets

Spyera puts an incredible amount of advanced technology into the most powerful and undetectable Spy phone software. Other apps promise, Spyera delivers. Whether you need to keep tabs on loved ones or employees, monitor call interceptions, or are just looking for the best in remote updates, Spyera is the only cell phone spy software app you will ever need.


Spyera offers 3 versions of its powerful monitoring software

1- Spyera Spy Phone

2- Spyera Tablet Spy Software

3- Spyera PC Spy Software

*  We have Spyera Voucher Codes for all of the Spyera Spy Software products!

While leading competitors need constant reinstallation time after time for updates, Spyera lets you click on the remote update tab on your web account and it is done. The features that Spyera offers are never ending and the app is the only resource you will ever need to monitor targeted devices. With Spyera, you get:

Live Call Listening

With Spyera, you can monitor lives calls in real time as they happen. You can set up the app so that you receive a discreet SMS alert message and you will then be added to the live call in progress. This feature in only available with Spyera and no competitive product has this feature.

Ambient Listening>

With Spyera, you can place a hidden call to the targeted phone to hear what is happening around the device, with regards to conversations in the room in which the call is taking place. Again, this is exclusive to Spyera, and is not offered by competitors.

Multimedia Files

All photos taken from the targeted device can be uploaded directly to your web account and you can check video files, camera images, audio files, and wallpapers on your web account remotely and discreet.

Spy on VoIP Apps

You can receive the logs of all VoIP calls made on your targeted device, meaning that you are not just limited to text and picture messages when monitoring activities.

Live Call Recording

Spyera can send recorded calls to you web account at to be listened to at a later time. You can choose which phone numbers to record and those conversation will be in a hidden file for viewing at your convenience.

Ambient Recording

If you decide to not listen to a live call, you can record files and visit them at a later time by enabling the targeted device’s microphone and then recording the surrounding noises and conversations.

Location Tracking

You can track the GPS coordinates of your targeted device by linking the map and location inside of your web account, therefore enabling you to display a path of travel between certain time periods.

Password Grabber

Whether you are using any iPad, iPhone, or Android device, Spyera allows you to read passwords and passcodes, which will give login credentials for your targeted device in regards to Twitter Skype, Facebook, and other email accounts.

Spy on IM

You can read all messages, access all files, pictures and status updates by monitoring Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat, PIN, BBM, Line, and WhatsApp accounts on your targeted device.

Track SMS Messages

With Spyera, you can easily read all incoming and outgoing SMS message contents. The app will capture the SMS the instant it is received so you will still be able to read them if the user decides to delete it.

Track E-mails

You can capture all emails and have them sent to your account, regardless of whether or not the user has already deleted them. Furthermore, contact names of those emails will be available if those email addresses are in the device’s address book.

Alert Wizard

You are able to specify certain criteria within the Alert Wizard, allowing you to be notified either by email, or directly on your dashboard.

Additional Features

In addition to the detailed features listed above, Spyera offers many more advantages and benefits, such as:

  • See Address Book
  • SIM Notification
  • Web History
  • Device Change
  • Remote Control
  • Platform Changes
  • See Call History
  • Ease of Use
  • Remote Update
  • Remote Uninstall
  • Undetectable
  • Advanced Security Features
  • Application Activity
  • Spoof SMS
  • Call Notification
  • Check Battery Levels

The Only Cell Phone Spy Software You Will Ever Need

If you are concerned about the welfare of your children, loved ones, or employees, Spyera allows you the peace of mind in knowing that you may be able to help prevent an impending disaster, and not just spying on their devices to protect yourself.

Your child may be battling sever bouts of depression and may be thinking about hurting themselves. With Spyera, if they send any incriminating messages or photos, you will be able to deal with the issue before it develops into something much more and spirals out of control. Spyera allows you to keep an eye on people you are close to.

Even if they have their device set to not save chat histories, Spyera will still capture BBM and generate in on your dashboard so you can view conversations regardless if they are saved or not. This one tool is extremely invaluable to be able to monitor the on goings of loved ones or employees and is exclusive only to Spyera. No other company or product offers this resource.

Web Based Control and Monitoring

All of your targeted devices activities are sent directly to your web account with a silent synch feature. This can be done with the use of any available internet connection or network data card and all uploaded logs are hidden completely.

Change Application Settings Remotely

Spyera allows you to control settings from your web browser and have access to all aspects form a remote location. From there, you can enable or disable any features without the need for having the actual device in your hand.

Spyera is compatible with devices, such as:


  • Android Devices
  • iPhone & iPad
  • Blackberry
  • Nokia Symbian

Spyera also has a full line of PC Monitoring as well as Tablet Monitoring software – View all Current Spyera Voucher Codes Below

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