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Sothink Logo Maker Vouchers

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Easy-to-Use Logo Creator

* Create a professional and unique company logo, banner, header, icon and signature for your website, blog, forum, email in minutes

* Require no graphic design experience

* Provide 190+ logo templates of five categories - Classic, Letter Based, Popular, Cool and Badge

* Export your logo to different dimensions suitable for web or print, in JPG, PNG (with transparent background) or BMP format as needed


Unique Design Experience of Logo Maker

* Offer 400+ well-chosen color schemes, filtered by color or category

* Apply cool effects like gradient, shadow, bevel, glow, reflection or hollow to graphic or text just by one click in the Effects panel

* Use the Copy Effect&Color tool to copy all the effect and color properties of one element on the canvas to another

* Replace a graphic with another, with the same colors and effects

* Enable the “Snapping to object” and “Snapping to gird” options to align logo elements on the canvas


Design Logo with Rich Resources

* Offer 2,500+ vector graphics of 17 categories, the elements can be searched by keyword

* Provide 40+ stylish text fonts and 6 waved text effects

* System fonts will be automatically imported once they are installed on your computer

* Import images of JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP format

* Import Flash SWF resources and extract vector graphic to reuse as logo image


Powerful Edit and Custom Capability

* Access the tools like Backward, Forward, Rotate Counterclockwise, Rotate Clockwise, Horizontal Mirror, Vertical Mirror, Duplicate and Opacity directly on the toolbar

* Set outline for vector graphic or text in the Custom > Color dialog

* Resize, skew, or rotate an element just on the canvas

* Customize your own colors (Solid/Linear Gradient/Radical Gradient) or filters (Shadow, Bevel, Glow and Reflection) for graphic or text in the Custom dialog

* Use Color Picker on the Colors panel to apply any color from the screen to your logo

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