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SniperSpy Mac (12-Month License) Vouchers

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Below is our Retina-X Studios, LLC, SniperSpy Mac (12-Month License) Description

SniperSpy Mac  is remote monitoring software which allows you to see exactly what your child or employee is doing online. You can silently record activities and even watch the entire screen LIVE over the Internet. You can view logs by logging in from any computer, phone or tablet web browser.

In many cases the software can be installed onto the computer you own and wish to monitor via email. Simply send an email attachment containing an installation module you easily create. When the module is executed by the remote user, the software silently installs itself onto your remote PC.

After installation SniperSpy begins recording an array of activities and uploads them to your secure online account. When you want to view activities, login from any web browser by entering your username and password. Inside you will be able to view or search results categorized by log type.

Inside your account you can view logged activity including full chat conversations from popular chat programs, websites visited, applications executed, keystrokes typed, mic recordings, documents opened and more. You can even view the latest remote system information or uninstall the software remotely.

SniperSpy also gives you the important surveillance feature of actual screenshot recording. This snaps an actual medium-quality jpg of the active window at an interval you set. Nothing speaks better than an actual picture of the screen which provides visual proof of the activities.

Using the included LIVE Control Panel you can watch the full screen LIVE using the Internet. That's right! You can watch the live screen like a TV. Use the Webcam Snapshot feature to instantly view the remote computer’s surroundings. You can also perform admin and surveillance commands from within the LIVE Control Panel unlike any other monitoring software.

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