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What is Simple Licensing System™ ?

SLS stands for Simple Licensing System. This product is designed to provide advanced protection for windows softwares with a very straightforward API. So you stay focused on the dev of your software, and don't spend much time to protect it.

How can SLS protect my software?

SLS is designed to protect your software from being cracked. It provides functions to generate, test and install licenses, to be notified whenever a potential threat is detected, to embed and retrieve data in your license, to sign your apps, and many more.

Versions : Indie VS Pro

Feature Description SLS™ Indie SLS™ Pro
SLS™ Manager Generate and track your licenses. Know where your product is installed, and be reminded when a license is about to expire. yes yes
Context Checks Know about the runtime context of your application, and be notified whenever something suspicious happens. yes yes
Build-in System Security World class encryption, asynchronous and random calls, memory jamming... yes yes
Licenses API Install, test and get parameters from generated licenses. yes yes
Behavior Profiles Let SLS™ know how it should behave when a threat is detected. yes yes
.NET API Protect your .net apps with SLS yes yes
Code signing certificate Sign your code, and be notified whenever your app is modified.   yes
Dongle Generation Generate hardware dongles from standard USB keys.   yes
Extended support Because sometimes we need swift responses   yes

Links and downloads

SLS homepage: Here

API Documentation: Here


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