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Slideshow Movie Creator (3 PC) Vouchers

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Convert Photos to HD Video

You can create HD slideshow for DVD, AVCHD DVD, Blu-ray Disc, VCD 2.0 (Still image) or SVCD for both NTSC and PAL TV systems, export slideshow to 720P & 1080P HD videos, generate video slideshow in commom video formats such as FLV, MP4, AVI to meet different requirements.

Support All Image Formats

Digital cameras and web pages normally use JPG files, the most important for cameras, printing, scanning, and internet use, are JPG, TIF, PNG. But we support more formats: jpg, jpeg, bmp, png, tif, tiff, webp, tga, wdp, hdp, jxr, pef, dng, crw, nef, cr2, mrw, rw2, orf, x3f, arw, kdc, nrw, dcr, sr2, raf.

Many 2D/3D Transition Effect

Support more than 300 different 2D/3D video transition effects. Choose a stylish transition, then fine-tune the settings as needed.With Slideshow Movie Creator, you can apply different transitions between individual photos as well - just check the Use randomtransitions box. Finally, get a full screen preview of your creation and accept the transitions or go back and generate another random set.

Support Various Audio Formats

This application allows you to add MP3, WMA, WAV ,OGG, FLAC, M4A, AAC, AU files formats as background music. It also allows you to grab tracks from video files as background music. And If you want to add narrations to slideshows, you can use the record feature - recording micphone and computer sounds is so easy!

Create Gorgeous Slideshows with effects and album

Slideshow Movie Creator offers a lot of pre-designed themes to make your slideshow video and supports designing the beginning Titles and credits, you can choose the picture or video clip as the material. Create a Stunning Video Slideshow Now! Easy& Interesting

Easy to make Slideshow length match Music length

No worry about the slideshow and music file length not matching. If music length is longer than slideshow length, you can cut music or repeat slideshow to fit to music length. If slideshow length is longer than music length, you can repeat music or append silence music to fit to slideshow, you also can let this tool automatically adjust slideshow to fit music length.

Stunning Photo Transitions and Effects

Choose from a wide range of transitions; Panning and zoom effects add extra dimension; Fade transitions give your slideshow a professional touch; Preview the effects in real time; Customize the duration of the effect

Complete Photo Optimization

Fine tune brightness, color and saturation; Crop, rotate and flip photos easily; Add text captions to individual slides; Add video clips for a complete slideshow presentation; Preview your changes in real time. (Some functions come soon)

Convert photo to video for YouTube, Facebook, MySpace

With this software, converting photos to video is easy and fun: choose your photos, add music and titles, and you're done! Whip up beautiful slideshows of weddings and other special occasions, now you can share happy moment with your family member or social media friends.

Prepare for playback on mobile devices or DVD

Gilisoft Slideshow Movie Creator offers a wide selection of video formats in which to save your masterpiece. Use ready-made presets for all popular mobile devices – just choose your device and click Save! Burn your slideshow video to DVD, or upload it to the web.


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