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Simple Duplicate Finder is an advanced yet user-friendly application which aims to help you to find and remove duplicate files from your computer.
it is quite straight-forward and easy to handle interface that makes it quite approachable even for the less knowledgeable of users. 
While the more experienced users will appreciate the amount of settings and filters that they have that can significantly reduce the time spent looking for duplicates.
Find Duplicate Files 
Search for duplicates using different scan settings, you can scan for files with same contents, size , filename and extension or combination of them.
You can narrow the search by many search filtering options, you can include/exclude certain file types, file size and by file create/modify date.
Find Duplicate Music 
Scan and find duplicate Music files by comparing music tags Artist, Title and Album.
with many supported file types like MP3 , MP2 , WAV , WMA , M4P (iTunes), AAC , OGG and many other formats. 
You also can compare just the audio data, without the tag information. So that, if you have two copies of the same track, tagged differently,Simple Duplicate Finder will find them .
Find Similar Images 
clean up your image library. Using an advanced algorithms to find similar images even if they are Rotated, Flipped, Resized, and Edited or saved in other formats.
You can use the adjustable similarity ratio and the 'Aspect Ratio' and 'Resolution' options to set how to search for the duplicate images.

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