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Save time managing Windows shares. Edit all attributes of shares! Manipulate shares with minimal steps.

Save time editing Windows shares
Edit all attributes of Windows shares
Manipulate multiple shares with minimal steps
Create shares in bulk

The original concept of Shares Manager was designed for a specific purpose and to meet specific needs of Network Managers. This concept was a collection of programs that met the needs of Network Managers and provided them with the tools to solve their problems. These tools were joined together to produce Shares Manager.


  • Edit share names
  • Edit local path of shares
  • Edit maximum allowed users
  • Edit comments of shares
  • Edit security of shares (access)
  • Create shares from directories (in mass)
  • Copy shares from one computer to another (in mass and customisable)
  • Hide shares (in mass)
  • Edit shares (in mass)
  • Delete shares (in mass)

The main advantages of using this software is that it has the ability to edit the actual name and local path of a share. To complete this the addition of editing the maximum allowed users, comment, and security of a share was also incorporated. There is also a built-in function of creating shares from directories. This gives network administrators the ability to create shares in bulk. This features also has the ability to set the security of the created shares from the directory name as well as any other security the network administrator requires. For example, the following directories need creating as shares. These shares will be the home directories of certain users.


The shares can be set to be created with the permisions of "Domain Admins" and the directories name, i.e. "Domain Admins" and "JoeBloggs".

The final feature is the ability to copy shares from computer to another. This is especially useful when upgrading network servers that require the same shares on the new server as the old one. All information about the shares being copied is duplicated on the new shares. If the shares being copied onto a computer are in a different location than the original then an option can be set to change the path of the shares being copied. A prerequisite of copying shares is that the destination must exist before copying any shares. See also FileSystem Utilities for copying files with permisions.

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