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Secure VoIP 6 Months Vouchers

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Encrypted VOIP Calls

Want to secure your cellular or VoIP voice calls within your team, co-workers etc.? We offer a secure yet simple solution. Purchase access to our private VoIP network, install free, open-source VoIP client software on your smartphone, tablet or PC, enter your login details and you are ready to start making 100% encrypted calls in full privacy, as we do not record or store any information about your calls.

Our VoIP solution makes End-to-End encryption possible and goes directly from the caller’s cell phone up to called cell phones, without any chance of exploiting a Man-in-The-Middle attack through intermediate hardware (PBXs, servers, routers etc.). Call interception will fail.

Protect your voice calls with military grade end-to-end VoIP encryption. Your phone calls are your business.

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