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No software required, just your favorite web browser. You can access it from any device through secure https channel.
Email encryption - Make it private and secure
SealCast encrypts messages in your existing email account.  Whether it’s a plain text, an html, or any kind of attachment, they all can be encrypted, and sent privately and securely, all the way to the recipient.
For your eyes only - Everything is between you and your recipient
Standard email can be intercepted and read many times, by many, while in transit. SealCast can stop it. It’s for your eyes only ...  ...and those of your recipient. 
No one can scan your messages - Even if they want to
Privacy abuse by email service providers is becoming rampant. They scan, analyze and process messages for marketing or even spying purposes.  With SealCast they no longer can do it!  Even if they want to.
It’s your email - It all stays in your mailbox
SealCast DOES NOT store any messages. There is no central database or mail repository. All your encrypted messages are stored in your "Inbox", or "Sent" folders. Right where they belong. All under your full control. 
Strong cryptography - Only tested and trusted algorithms
When it comes to privacy and security, SealCast uses cryptography algorithms that are most tested and trusted around the world: RSA for asymmetric, and AES256 for symmetric encryption. 

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