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SE-DesktopApps - small easy-to-use application for desktop customization.

Application includes the set of desktop gadgets for everyday work and enjoy.

Notes gadget lets user to create notes with auto-save feature and display them in customizable desktop gadget.

Desktop clock with reminder feature helps user to track time and not to miss any important event. Single or recurrent tasks can be planned and various types of alarms can be assigned to them.

Quick launch gadget allows user to add customizable panels for launching of applications, files and folders. It helps to access important docs and favorite programs in one click. 

Player gadget lets user ability to play music quickly from desktop gadget and manage media library in full player mode.

Lite Explorer gadget gets quick access to system drives and statistic info about used space.

Additionally there is a build-in wallpaper changer and background manager. Desktop can be used like a slideshow tool with periodically updated images from the selected folder or can be designed with flat or gradient filling.

All of gadgets are fully customizable and can be designed in one style. For quick start there are a lot of beautiful presets.

First version includes clock gadget with reminding feature. Clock can be fully designed by user's taste - shape, color scheme, clock background - all of the elements of gadget are customizable.
Single or recurrent tasks can be planned and various types of notification can be assigned to them - sound signal or notification in popup window.
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