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RS Office Recovery 1.0 Vouchers

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Recover deleted documents in a wide range of formats! Deleted a document, spreadsheet or Adobe PDF file? RS Office Recovery will undelete the file in minutes! Lost a number of documents after a virus attack, accidental disk formatting or repartitioning? RS Office Recovery will perform a thorough low-level analysis of your disk, finding as many documents as theoretically possible. Got a damaged storage device, unreadable disk or inaccessible flash media? RS Office Recovery will access the device in low level, discovering documents with sophisticated content-aware analysis.

RS Office Recovery can reliably recover documents and spreadsheets created with all versions of Microsoft Office (DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX), Adobe PDF, as well as OpenOffice ODT and ODS files. The tool supports all types of storage media including hard disks, SSD drives, USB pen drives and memory cards. RS Office Recovery supports all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows, and can recover documents from FAT and NTFS formatted partitions, unpartitioned disk space and raw disks.

Using RS Office Recovery could not be made easier. Step by step recovery wizard guides users through the entire recovery process. Full-screen preview allows viewing documents before they are recovered. A pre-recovery integrity check is performed automatically on every document discovered on the disk before adding it to the list of recoverable documents, which helps reduce visual clutter and delivers optimal recovery experience when handling large disks with hundreds or thousands of files.

RS Office Recovery is designed to handle the toughest cases, specifically supporting the recovery from unreliable and worn media. For these types of storage media, RS Office Recovery supports Virtual Disk Images, creating a bit-precise copy of the original physical device stored in a file on another disk. This helps minimize the number of read operations, greatly improving chances of successful recover.

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