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VeprIT Resize Sense is a flexible batch image resizer for Mac OS with various resizing options suitable for any need. It stands out from other batch image resizers with the following distinctive features:

  • Saved user presets. Performing repetitive tasks? No need to enter resizing settings every time! Save a preset once, and reuse it again and again! You can even apply multiple presets to every image!
  • Manual per-image, per-preset crop (and even straighten) adjustment. Other image resizers would at best allow you to align the crop rectangle to the left/right/top/bottom, but a better control is often required.
  • Simple, intuitive, self-explanatory user interface. We have made a great effort to achieve an outstanding usability, and keep working on its improvement!

Want to send a number of images by e-mail? Put them on a website? Show them at any time to your friends on a mobile device? Small file size is essential for these and many other purposes, and there is no need in large image resolutions. It is a bad idea to use huge images produced by modern photo cameras for these purposes... Use Resize Sense to reduce image size as much as you want, the way you please, for many images at once! Save the resizing settings as a preset, and next time you will not need to enter them again! Save several presets, and apply all of them to many images at once!

In addition, you can use Resize Sense as a batch image format converter.


Resize Sense resizing types:

  • Fixed width and height. Will be cropped if required.
  • Fixed width or height. The other dimension will be computed based on the original image size.
  • Fixed output image dimensions. They are assigned to width and height based on the original image orientation. Will be cropped if required.
  • Fit to a box with defined width and height.
  • Fit to a box with defined dimensions. They are assigned to width and height based on the original image orientation.
  • Fixed longest edge size. The other edge will be computed based on the original image size.
  • Fixed shortest edge size. The other edge will be computed based on the original image size.

Size units:

  • Pixels.
  • Percents.
  • Inches.
  • Centimeters.

Resolution units (available when defining size in inches or centimeters):

  • Pixels per inch.
  • Pixels per centimeter.

Additional resizing options:

  • Enlarge image if the original or the cropped part is too small for the requested size.
  • Crop the image if the requested final size is not proportional to the original image size (the image will be deformed otherwise).
  • If the image is cropped, define the horizontal and vertical crop rectangle alignment (left, right, center, top, bottom).
  • If the image is cropped, it is possible to adjust the crop manually for every image and for every applied preset.
  • If the image is cropped, it is possible to straighten it (rotate by less than 90 degrees).

Additional features:

  • Saved user resizing presets.
  • Apply multiple saved presets per image.
  • Batch rotate images by 90 degrees.

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