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Designed to adapt to your way of working, RecruitPro enhances your Recruitment process, streamlines workflow and increases productivity in and profitability of your organisation. RecruitPro 360 is a fully customizable software which can actually be customized by you. It is the result of over 11 years of Recruitment expertise of the promoters and an expert team of developers.

Features such as Intuitive user interface, automated resume import facility, powerful search and match capabilities, intranet user communication center, notes, sophisticated Tracker are quiet unique and user friendly.

Whatever the size of your business, RecruitPro provides a complete software solution for managing your recruitment process. A high level of process automation means that RecruitPro releases your busy recruitment consultants from much of the burden associated with time-consuming, mundane office administration. Instead they can focus their valuable time and talents on core business activities, equipped with the tools necessary to make your business grow and prosper.

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