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How to track utility payments and avoid forgetting about underpayment in the last month or overpayment in the month before? Don’t want to get lost in record keeping of numerous bills? How to keep records of loans and not to mix anything up? Use «RC Payments Tracker» software to manage debt and record completed payments!

«RC Payments Tracker» software provides an opportunity to create your own database. You can enter recurring payments, add companies where you send payments regularly (internet providers, utilities, insurance companies, educational institutions…), and mark the dates when a contractor awaits a payment from you. This way you will be able to keep track of your debts.

Enter every payment made into the software to keep a full record of payments. Not only does the software offer record keeping, but it also allows attaching scans of receipts to every record (and a printscreen for e-payments). Payments tracking with receipt scans will help you prove a completion of payment, even if the amount has not reached the recipient for any reason.

Moreover, you can set payment priorities (high priority, required, or non-urgent) and indicate the account used for making a payment (debit or credit card, cash or e-money).

You can also track personal payments and enter non-recurring payments into the record keeping software. By making your payment tracking electronic you will escape the need to remember dates and amounts of payments made a while ago. Traffic ticket or bank loan payment, monthly utility bill or quarterly tuition payment, you can record any of them in the record keeping software.

By taking control over your financial records you will meet the budget and know where your money goes!

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