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Ray Scalper is the result of our research in the field of ray tracing and efforts to enable implementation of the concepts into Forex trading. this EA has been developed keeping in mind the requirement of short term gains of most traders. Ray Scalper provides good portfolio diversification since its trading strategy is completely different from any other EA currently available commercially.

Ray Scalper is based on the concept of ray tracing. Support/Resistances are calculated using Fibonacci levels, weekly classical pivots and other standard methods. These levels are considered as objects. The EA close of every 15 minute bar the EA shoots out rays in both long and short directions. The default target price (H1 ATR) is placed at distance about 6 hours. Rays which were able to reach the target without cutting across any support/resistance levels are considered for trading. The EA opens a long or short trade based on the best possible ray's direction. Stoploss is placed at 4x the H1 ATR. This allows the EA enough room to close trades which does not work immediately in its favor. Read More about Ray Scalper at http://rayscalper.phibase.com

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