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QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner Vouchers

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Comprehensive QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner Information

QuuSoft Junk Cleaner is the all-round solution to make the most of your valuable hard drive space and boost your system?s performance; it can thoroughly and safely clean out various log files, index files, backup files of various kinds, large files generated by crashes, files with zero sizes, a whole bunch of temperarily files that no longer are needed from your computer; by cleaning up these unwanted files, QuuSoft Junk Cleaner can help you utilize your amount of available hard drive space and remove obstacles which could be hindering your computer?s performance; in addition, QuuSoft Junk Cleaner provides a handy file shred tool to help you permanently and securly erase your files from your hard drive. QuuSoft Junk Cleaner also offers several data protection options like move junk files to Recycle Bin or to the files you specify, so that you can roll-back any changes that cause problems on your system; the specfied option allows you to save the entire hard drive not just the changes made from cleaning as well as the ability to create a system restore point which can be used to used to create and name your own restore points at any given time. In case of system instability, it is better to have a restore point before any major actions were taken on your PC system. Auto-updates and automated scheduled scans are also available if you wish to optimize your system on a regular basis. QuuSoft Junk Cleaner offers the capability to remove dead items and empty space from the the hard disk, while reordering the hard disk to maximize access time. This will improve system performance, while reclaiming valuable hard drive space. QuuSoft Junk File Cleaner scans and cleans up the junk files from your PC to release more free space on your hard disk and allow applications to run faster and more efficiently.

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