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QuickShare File Server is a powerful yet easy to use ftp & http server helps you sharing files.
If you have any of the following requirements, QuickShare File Server is the right choice for you:
* Sharing (send/receive) files with others easily and conveniently.
* Need the sharing protected by password.
* The files sharing are big.
* The people sharing files with are many.
* The people sharing files with use different OS (Mac/Linux/Unix, etc).
* The people sharing files with does not want to install client softwares.
* Do not want to drag big files from one folder to another for sharing.
* Do not want to stay beside computer while sharing.
* Have a light weight/smart HTTP/FTP file server instantly, but not an expert of that.
Key features:
Powerful yet easy to use.
No need for client software installing. Clients can download and upload files by web browsers (Microsoft IE/Mozilla Firefox/Opera/etc.) or ftp clients which many OS (such as Microsoft windows) has already build-in.
* File Transfer between different operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix, etc). No matter what the client OS is, as long as it has a web browser or a ftp client. Almost every OS has these installed.
* Supports virtual folders. Fed up with moving large files from one folder to another? Virtual folders can help you. Just map the real folders you want to share to virtual folders.
* Anonymous access and password protection are both supported.
Beautiful and full customizeable http template.
Support most popular web browsers and download tools.
* Supports resuming and multi-thread transfer. More efficiency!
* Supports files larger than 4G byte. You can share files as big as you want.
Monitor clients activities with logs, statistics.
Supports all basic FTP commands, plus more features, such as passive mode, resuming of file transfers.
For more information, please visit our web site: http://www.quicksharehq.com



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