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QMSys Tolerances and Fits Vouchers

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Here is our Qualisyst Ltd., QMSys Tolerances and Fits Description

The software QMSys Tolerances & Fits is an engineering program, which saves time and prevents human errors in determining nominal and limit values of machine parts. It can be used to choose a fit and determine tolerances and deviations of machine parts according to the following international and national standards:

- ISO 286, EN 20286, ANSI B4.2, GOST 25346 for nominal dimensions up to 3150mm

- DIN 7172, GOST 25348 for nominal dimensions over 3150mm up to 10000mm

- ANSI B4.1 for nominal dimensions up to 200 inch

- ISO 2768-1 for nominal dimensions without individual tolerance indications up to 3150mm


Using the QMSys Tolerances & Fits software, the following tasks can be solved:

- Selection of suitable sizes from the preferred number series R5 to R80 according to ISO 3, ANSI Z17.1

- Selection of suitable fits according to ISO 1829, ISO 286, DIN 7154, DIN 7155, DIN 7157 or ANSI B4.1

- Design of a ISO fit according to ISO 286 for given clearance or interference respectively

- Determination of dimensional tolerances and deviations of machine parts

- Calculation of bilateral symmetrical tolerances for CNC-programs

- Determination of non-prescribed limit deviations according to ISO 2768.


The fit design is processed automatically and after its completion, the calculation provides the user with a set of fits whose parameters meet the entered requirements.


Key Benefits:

- Minimization of engineering time required to specify tolerances, fits and plane gauges

- The software promotes specification of standard hole and shaft sizes, tolerances and fits to help lower operating cost

- Calculation reports in TXT, RTF, XML, XLS or HTML format

- Information is provided in both inches and millimeters

- Multi-language flexible and user-friendly interface


The full version of the software can be evaluated free of charge for a trial period with a time duration of 1 month.

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