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Comprehensive SiteDuct.com, Proxy Finder Description Listed below

Proxy Finder is your best choice when you need a simple and easy to use software that can automate the process of finding proxies on web-pages, scraping, extracting, building and testing proxies.

Proxy Finder is an all in one proxy builder software. It can extract thousands of proxies per minute, test them and can export the proxies in text format (.txt), MS Excel format (.csv), MySql format (.sql) and compressed Zip archive format (.zip).

Proxy Finder is the fastest and the only proxy scraper that can allow you to export extracted and tested proxies in several different formats which could be used for various purposes. It is the only proxy scraper software that can allow you to make money off it. It could be used by many users at the same time and also supports multi-threading. You won't need any other proxy tool.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is to click start. You can also add proxies that you got from another source so that you can test them. It can also find and scrape proxies continuously and non-stop using cron jobs.

The following are some of the things that Proxy Finder can do:

1) Extract proxies from various websites
2) Extract thousands of proxies per minute
3) Test extracted proxies
4) Check proxy's type
5) Export proxies based on type
6) Check proxy's country
7) Export proxies based on country
8) Test proxies from a different source
9) Export proxies in text format (.txt)
10) Export proxies in MS Excel format (.csv)
11) Export proxies in MySql format (.sql)
12) Export proxies in Zip archive format (.zip)
13) Find and scrape proxies using cron jobs
14) Plus much more...

It is very easy to install and use. Multiple users can also use a single installation. It allows the owner to create unlimited number of other users and share the tools with them. It could also be a great source of making money, by charging the other users for the usage access.

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