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Pro HRM Starter Package Vouchers

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Complete UK Pro Solutions, Pro HRM Starter Package Overview Listed below


  • Ask a UK PRO. Solutions all your questions and receive a reply in 24 hours
  • Free 24/7 Phone & Online Support Multi Support channels
  • Full data encryption to protect your business data
  • Free data Backup
  • Industry standard SSL certification and database security
  • Access your system from anywhere using Windows, Mac, Tablet and IPad
  • Free administrator Access
  • You control who has access to what with our Access control Module
  • With our online registration go live in no time
  • Simple set up wizard with our auto customize your employees and their attendance times
  • Import your employees and teams easily using Excel
  • Multi Language based on your country
  • Free Data Migration for employees, teams, departments & any list from any current HR system
  • Videos and documentations to help you and your staff understand accounting and our system better
  • 2 Of HR Employees
  • 15 Of Company Employees
  • Excl Attendance Management
  • Permissions
  • Vacations
  • Errands
  • Up to 3 Departments and teams
  • Notifications
  • Access Roles
  • Papers Required
  • Employee Login
  • HR Management
  • Team-level Management
  • Past Employees
  • Employee Papers
  • 2 Groups Policy for different Employees’ Group
  • Employees’ papers with expiration
  • Email employee’s activity to employee
  • Complete report suit to support you, your Employees attendance and roles to allow them to make better business decisions
  • Recommended reports will cover all your reports needs for example Employees, Attendance, Permissions, payroll and much more

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