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  learn to read music - not memorise it

PrestoKeys generates random notes so you learn to read the notes and not memorise finger positions. The focus is to improve your note recognition speed and accuracy so you will improve a lot faster. Youll be improving in no time with the games intuative scoring system that promotes accuracyspeed and improvement!


suitable for all levels

PrestoKeys offers a full range of settings that teach someone who has never touched a piano in their life, and challenges even professional pianists.

Quickly select from a list of presets with generalised settings and start playing right away

Or if you want more control...

Refine your settings to match you perfectly, with the option to:

- Choose a range of notes that you are comfortable with from the Bass Clef and/or Treble Clef

- Choose a key signature and/or enable sharps and flats

- Enable any rhythm combinations by choosing from a list of 6 note lengths

- Modify the tempo in-game so you can select the perfect playing speed to match your ability


learn by experience

Receive crucial feedback after playing a note so you can learn from your mistakes and rapidly improve your note recognition ability. This is fullycustomisable, so you can select the feedback you require to improve.

Ultimately its up to you how much you want to improve - the more you practise, the better you get... so why not have fun while you e practising with PrestoKeys!


vast array of assistance

PrestoKeys offers several assistance settings to cater for all players of varying abilities.

- Display a template of letters over the staff if you are unsure of the letters

- Optionally play using only a single octave piano so you don need to worry about hitting the right octave

- Indicate which piano keys to press if you get stuck

- Wait for you to play the notes correctly before moving on

Pause the game at any time if you need to take a short break

... and the list goes on!


many ways to play

PrestoKeys currently includes 4 ways to play notes

- Click on the on-screen piano keys

- Use a row of letters on the computer keyboard to immitate an octave of a piano

Type the letter name of the note on your computer keyboard

- Play with a real MIDI keyboard


practising is fun

PrestoKeys provides several game modes so practising will always be fun!

- Let the notes scroll and play them as they hit the line to improve your timing

- Play notes one at a time to improve your reflexes

- Play the Challenge modes for added pressure

There are also several other features that keep you entertained while you practise.

- Play chords instead of single notes

- Play any piano MIDI song

- Play with the metronome to keep you in time

- Play using any other instrument in any key by using sound as feedback (no scoring available for this mode)

- Play using solfa (moveable do)

- More instruments options to come soon

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