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Here is our LantechSoft, Power Excel Overview

MS Excel is widely used software and it needs to improve its power. To improve the power of MS Excel there are many Excel Macros and Excel add-ins are available. Power Excel is a powerful Excel add-ins which makes advanced tasks easy. It is Time saving and money saving utility. It reduces the manual efforts. In this plug-in there is over 100+ command sets are available to help every office using MS Excel as their spreadsheet tool. The installation of this utility is very easy and fast. After installation process completes, it automatically attach to Excel. It can be used as Excel duplicate remover. It is an Excel VBA tool which includes duplicate remover, data cleaner, Excel word count etc.

It is very reliable Excel utility as it supports all major versions of MS Excel like 2013/2010/2007 and also supports all widely used operating systems like Win XP, Win7, Win8 and Vista.

This Excel add-ins has powerful ability to clean data in excel. All alphanumeric, non-alphanumeric, upper case, lower case, alphabets, non-alphabets or user defined characters can be removed from selected cells with the help of this utility. It has a case changing facility, means we can change lower case to upper case and vice versa. We can use proper case functionality which capitalized first character of each word in selected cells.

This utility is to excel remove spaces. By selected some cells we can remove extra spaces, leading and trailing spaces from these cells very quickly and easily. If we want to remove hyperlinks, comments, font color, cell color and border, Power excel can be a great option to do this work. By this we can remove all empty, unique and duplicate rows from an Excel sheet. It can also remove all duplicate and empty columns from a sheet. This utility helps to hide/unhide any sheet, rows and columns.

To insert new text at nth position, leading position or at trailing position this excel utility work greatly. This utility has a feature to convert column data into tabular form, known as transpose data from column to tabular form. This tool has word count facility for Excel.

If we want to send a excel sheet to someone through mail, it can achieved very quickly and easily by this excel add-ins as it has a feature of attaching sheet or workbook to outlook directly. By selecting some columns we can insert serial number to these columns.

To know “How to use Power Excel” this utility has online help option. By this option we can see step by step process of using Power Excel as well as we can see video demo.

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