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It is a very powerful port forwarding gateway solution. By using http tunnel technology, you can easily bypass strong firewall or your ISP to access internet resources or any final destination you want. It support any tcp-based protocol, like http or telnet protocol.

The Port Forwarding Gateway soluton contain two parts. One is the client that will run on your local computer based on Windows system and One is the server that run on our gateway computer based on Linux system.

Normally, a strong firewall will forbid any outgoing port except 80 port. Because 80 port will be used for surfing internet. For example, if you want to remote access a computer on internet by using telnet. This can not be done because of 21 port will be used by telnet protocol. The outgoing 21 port will be filtered by the firewall.

By using our Port Forwarding Gateway solution, what you need to do is just deploy the Port Forwarding Gateway Client on your computer and config Gateway address and port. Then it is like magically, you can remote access your computer now! Because the client will send your request to the server by using 80 port, so your firewall can not block you. When the gateway server receive request from client, it will forward the request to the final destination further and finally tunnel back the response to your local computer.

Another scenario you can use our Port Forwarding Gateway is bypass some port is blocked by your ISP. For example, if you want to use some VOIP service. The VOIP software need to use 5060 port to access VOIP server. But if your ISP block the 5060 port, then you can not use VOIP service. So the VOIP service provider can use our Port Forwarding Gateway to resolve this.

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