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Any important software has its own shortcomings. The same for the PLESK Control Panel, but these are covered by Power Toys, a small software that comes as an AddOn for PLESK. - Password Revealer, used for displaying the passwords generated with PLESK. Do not get scared, this tool does not make them public, it is used rather for customer notification for lost password function. One of the shortcomings of PLESK is the fact that it does not send out an e-mail message when a domain is created in a customizable template. The PowerToys add-on does this, takes all the details of the newly created or existing domain and sends it out to the domain user in a customizable TEXT or HTML template. By far the most popular tool from the suite. - MySQL Remote Admin User Manager - allows the administrator to add access rights to the remote database. Thus it is not necessary to use phpMyAdmin from the Control Panel, MySQL Remote or similar tools may be used instead. - Domain Statistics - displays the UP or DOWN status of a domain and it verifies whether the www points to the ADMIN server. It is extremely useful when the ADMIN wants to see whether the client has set the DNS or the www accordingly. - Email Subject Changer, allows you to change the subjects in the PLESK emailing system. - Custom DNS, allows you to add your own settings to a domain. - Whois, provides details about the domains on the Internet. - Newsletter, provides a solution to keep in push with your customers. - VHOST Config helps editing the apache conf of each domain. Thus the ADMIN may add in the apache CONF of each domain a separate setting. I.e. PLESK does not retain the PHP errors, and for developers it is rather important to see the error log. This facility offers a solution for this issue. - Domain Alias, another widely used tool by the PLESK users. Many people buy two similar domain names i.e.www.domain.com, www.domain.net and want to redirect one to the other. - QmqTool - is a qmail queue manipulation program geared towards the viewing and safe modification of the contents in a qmail queue. In this tool you can see your queue status, you can search, read and delete messages from queue.

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