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Use your built-in camera/microphone, USB remote camera/microphone, or an IP Camera wherever
there is an Internet or Ethernet LAN connection, to monitor & record anything – your desk, front door,
filing cabinet, vacation house, or anything else, including who is using your Mac.
With its sophisticated motion and sound detection systems, you only record when there is something to see – fewer clips to sort through, less storage used.  You can also record continuously.  Clips are stored on your Mac for viewing and can be automatically upload to Dropbox so you can see what’s happening from anywhere with any device!
IP Cameras are notoriously hard to setup, but with Periscope Pro it’s fast and easy and automatic – just input the camera’s address and model, and we do the rest.  The setup screen preview window let’s you see what’s happening as you are working – no flipping between screens to do the setup.
If you need to monitor covertly, using a USB or IP camera let’s you separate the camera from your Mac – no telltale green light - and hide the camera anywhere.
Finding and viewing the clip you want is fast and easy.  The integrated, one-click Clip Library has a large, full-screen expandable viewing window with clip thumbnails/details in a scrollable frame on the right - click on a clip and it instantly starts running in the viewing window.
With Periscope Pro you can:
- watch your kids, pets or aging parents
- keep an eye on the refrigerator - be sure your partner is on his diet
- monitor an office in another city, country or continent
- check on the babysitter or nanny
- keep an eye on your personal papers and your Mac
- monitor your storage unit, boat, motorcycle, or camper
- catch a volcano erupting, a shooting star, or whales breeching by connecting to a public IP Camera
- monitor you're your home office when you are away
- keep an eye on your server room
Features & Benefits
- Easy-to-use, sets up in less than 1 minute
- IP Camera support
  * Auto or manual setup
  * Setup window preview to see how it’s working
- Multiple operating modes – Motion Detection, Audio Detection, Both or Continuous
- Motion Detection
  * Set sensitivity level– ignore or detect small movements like the wind ruffling a curtain.
- Audio Detection
  * Set sensitivity level – ignore or detect quite sounds like a pet walking
- Real-time interactive activation adjustment – set motion/audio activation sensitivity using level monitors in the in-screen monitor window
  * See levels change as you move/speak
  * Pick exactly the trigger points you want – no trial and error guessing
- Auto-send clips to your Dropbox account – view clips from anywhere on any device
- Record with or without sound
- Record with or without Timestamps for any camera – built-in, remote or IP
- Sleek new user interface – easy to use and pleasing to the eye
- Covert Operation
  * App can be hidden from users
  * Operates with screensaver or even with screen-off
- Set preferences for any camera in the same window – built-in, external, IP Camera
- Wide range of recording formats – 320x240, 640x480, 800x600, 960x720, 1280x960, 1600x1200
- Multiple frames/second options – 1, 5, 10, 15, 25
- Highly resource efficient – 30% more efficient than most others
- Optimally compresses clips to minimize storage
- User-controlled clip storage – any folder, any device
- Stores clips by time and date – fast access in scrollable thumbnail window
- In-app clip library & viewer
- Can be activated at login, launch or from the control panel
- Does not interfere with other auto-launch apps
- Can be password protected
- 24/7 support response in 1 hour or less, GUARANTEED

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