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Watch TV Anytime You Want!
Imagine: Its 5 minutes away from your favorite show on TV. And youre still stuck in front of your computer with no television nearby. 

Instead of bringing a TV into your office, what if you could Turn your PC into a Super TV RIGHT NOW?


Take A Quick TV Break!
Are you feeling that the day is getting too long and you e falling asleep at your desk? Sneak in a quick energizer. Let us show you how to use your PC to catch a comedy just to brighten your day, update yourself with a quick news clip, or watch your favorite artists music video in one click!


Never Miss Your Favorite Programs Again!
You e traveling outside of town and desperately homesick. Whats more, you feel like screaming because you forgot to record your favorite show before you left. 

Don be the last to find out what happened in the show and let this spoil the whole series for you. Now watch your favorite shows whereever you are, whenever you want to!


Download An Extra TV Into Your Home!
Maybe you have to fight with someone else for the remote when both of you want to watch TV at the same time. Do you wish you had another TV just so you can watch TV in peace, or even to put a TV beside your PC so that you don have to step away from your computer. 

Theres a better idea. What if you could watch TV on your PC?


Never Be Bored Again!
Sick of the same old shows, same old channels on TV every single day? Tired of watching reruns? Hey, theres only so much variety with that little number of channels available to you. 

You may not realize it yet, but there is a better alternative to boring TV. How would you like Instant Access to


1000+ channels and clips
The Latest Movie Trailers 
The Hottest Music Videos
Shows from Around the country and Around the World
....And Much More!


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