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Product Overview

Oblivius let’s you get results from more than 30 security software engines, showing you not only the result but also important information about the scanned object in order to analyze if, for example, files where tampered somehow from its original state . Why trust one anti-virus software installed on your computer when you can have more than 30 having a detailed result for the object you want to scan.

Ever got frustrated when the security software installed on your computer is not able to detect a threat, even if its was detected by other applications and thought on having more than one installed to face threats?

Tired of not knowing if the website you like so much is in fact infected with undesired malware that can jeopardize your online security and risk you, your family or even your business?

Look  no further!
You don’t have to look no more for complicated ways to achieve security on your computer.
You don’t need to buy expensive security software to feel safe.
Actually you don’t need to instal anything.

Oblivius is the perfect solution for you.

Objects will be scanned on a multi software engine platform and will display the results you are looking for just a few cents a day. All this without the hassle of making heavy installations on your computer, wasting time trying to figure out which one is the best for you or even having to spend a lot of money to simply get 1 single security software solution.

Oblivius is proven to be a complete security solution for any Windows computer user or Windows network administrator around the globe.

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