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NoSQLt(TM) Professional Edition Vouchers

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    Hainan Haikou Meilan Nosak West-sea Computer Software Studio of China (hereinafter referred to as West-sea Data Studio) is a professional software developer engaged in massive real-time/history data processing and providing solutions for process enterprise informatization.

    NoSQLt (TM) real-time/history database can integrate, manage, and process tens of thousands of real-time data measuring points efficiently, accurately and easily, and provide the processing. secondary developers can develop Supervisory Information System (SIS) specific to all kinds of enterprises, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) specific to process enterprises, Energy Management System (EMS) specific to all kinds of energy-consuming companies, and other typical industry applications.
    Product Features
*Concurrent storage speed max: uncompressed 129,999 sampling values / sec, storage time <500ms
*Concurrent reading speed max: 1,000,000 real time values / sec, read time <500ms
*Concurrent reading speed max: 1,000,000 historical original values / sec, read time <300ms
*Tag max: 200,000 tags / server
*Data capacity: TB grade
*Concurrent clients max: 500 clients / server
*Timestamp resolution: ms (1,000 sampling values / tag / sec)
*Supported data types: timestamp, sampling value and code quality
*Supported sampling value types: int8(switching value), int16, int32, float32, float64, string
*7 * 24 hours′ unattended working ability 
*Support Windows failover cluster
*Full support for 3rd-party data backup
*Lossless slope compression algorithm
*High speed calculates the plot
*High speed batch playbacks historical data
*Historical data completing without limit
*Automated disaster recovery of historical files
*Support the deployment of the Internet
*The security access accurate to each tag
*The global-fumctional graphical management tool
*Friendly API
JavaAPI is the newly-added member of NoSQLt(TM)API family and NoSQLt(TM) is fully compatible with Java language.

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