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  • Identify Songs

    Neat Music uses a Unique Music Fingerprint technology to identify songs and returns what song that is and exactly which album it belongs too. Wherever your music is from, ripped CDs or downloaded music, Neat Music smartly identify it.

    Powered with database of over 25+ Million Music files almost any track can be recognized by Neat Music
  • Add Song Meta Data

    Automatically fills in correct/missing Song Name, Album, Artist and Genre of each music file. Within minutes your music will be perfectly organized. Tune up all your iTunes music files in just an hour or less! .

  • Album Artwork Finder

    Automatically adds album artwork images for you iTunes music collection. Finds high quality album artwork for all your albums and singles. Neat music will replace all the boring blank album artwork in iTunes and so also your iPod, iPhone iPad and Apple TV, giving you a beautiful music library

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