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Mywe is a powerful software solution to improve productivity and introduces a new way to integrate data  from different data sources to access them easily.

Mywe supports word prediction, word autocompletion, phrase completion, phonetic input, fingertext and hotstring.

Mywe is not only a typing assistant that speeds repetitive typing tasks in any applications, but also a text expander. You can define a key along with its replacement text or content.

Mywe is also a software solution designed to bring additional functionality to your desktop to improve productivity, by integrating a wide variety of quickly accessible features and shortcuts, without overcrowding the workspace. Thus, you can extend the array of things you can achieve directly from your desktop and still maintain the desired simplicity.

Mywe does manage to encompass everything you could need to increase your productivity and optimize your workspace. In addition, the overlaying menus are highly intuitive and easy-to-use, which makes it simple for anyone to get the hang of the application in a short time span.

Mywe is a perfect tool for customer support staff, lawyers, sales managers, secretaries or journalists.

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