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MYOB Premier v13 - International Edition (01-User) Vouchers

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Put your best stock forward

MYOB Premier automatically adjusts your inventory as you sell items. Unlike most other systems, MYOB Premier goes the extra mile by giving you the flexibility and freedom when working with inventory transactions as you can:

  1. Recall
  2. Edit
  3. Reverse
  4. Delete inventory adjustments and transfers

Powerful reporting options also allow you to easily reconcile your stock on hand with your inventory account for any given date. MYOB Premier also features a sophisticated pricing matrix with:

  1. Five quantity breaks and
  2. Six Pricing Level

This allows you to map out pricing and sales strategies based on customer status.

If you sell items from different warehouses or hold stock in multiple locations, MYOB Premier helps you keep track of items quantities held at each location.

Get Started Fast

To help you get started, the Premier Easy Setup Assistant prompts you with a series of questions that helps you set-up your accounts according to your industry and business needs – you can be up and running in minutes.

You can then get straight into recording your business transactions, even if you aren’t familiar with accounting concepts and principles. MYOB Premier does all the double entry accounting behind the scenes for you, so you just fill in the familiar on-screen forms and click Record when you’re done.

When you want to learn how to edit or delete the transaction you’re looking at, or how to create a new transaction, or any other task, a quick step by step guide is just a couple of clicks away from every window.

Multi-user access

MYOB Premier lets multiple people access your business information simultaneously. MYOB Premier is issued with 1 or 3 user licenses; further licenses are available direct from MYOB as your business requirement change.

You can set up password-protected user profiles to control which Screens, Reports, Menu items each user has access to, ensuring sensitive business information remains discreet.

Multi user capability can also speed up internal processes, and save your accounts personnel from being interrupted with requests for information about inventory, sales, accounts and creditors.

Record foreign currency transactions

With MYOB Premier, you can sell and purchase goods and services in foreign currencies and perform a whole range of tasks in multiple currencies including:

  1. Sales and purchases transactions
  2. Customer and vendor payments
  3. General journal entries
  4. Cheques and deposits

Analyse your business in more than 200 ways 

Make more informed decisions based on accurate and detailed information:

  1. Over 200 flexible reports and charts
  2. Assess up-to-date Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets
  3. Produce comprehensive reports and send to Microsoft Excel for further analysis
  4. Email reports for your accountants
  5. Use inbuilt Data Auditor to detect common processing errors and to ensure integrity of your business information
  6. View screen-optimised  or print-preview versions of each report
  7. Analyse sales by salesperson, track where sales are coming from, and identify customers who owe money, stay on top of outstanding invoices and more.

Need to keep track of your time

MYOB Premier’s time billing functions have been designed to work exactly the way you collect and bill your time:

  1. Track your hourly and non-hourly, chargeable and non-chargeable activities
  2. Bill by employee, customer or activity rate
  3. Partially charge, write off time or differ your billing until next month
  4. Set up records for all the activities your company provides

Create invoices that automatically update with time slip details, or present a standard activity description. Also include stock items on the same invoice!

Business Insights

The Business Insights feature allows you to analyse key financial information using a range of interactive tables and graphs. You can use it to analyse your:

  1. Available cash
  2. Cash flow
  3. Profit and loss
  4. The money that you owe suppliers
  5. The money that customers owe you

With access to such information you can now

  1. Plan your expenditure work out
  2. Predict the effect a major purchase or hiring would have on your cash position
  3. Predict Cash Flow Issues
  4. Renegotiate customer payment terms
  5. Contact customers with overdue payments
  6. Negotiate a payment or discount with your supplier

Business Insights runs as a separate program

Business Insights can remain open while you have your company file open. If you want, you can analyse data using Business Insights while others users enter transactions in your company file. Click refresh to update information with their changes.

With the addition of Business Insights you now can make smarter decisions in a shorter period of time.

View contact addresses in Google Maps

You can view a map of contact’s addresses, as well as get directions to their addresses via Google Maps. All you have to do is bring up the contact details stored in your MYOB card file and then click on the Google map link found inside your MYOB software. You can get directions from primary address of you business to the contact’s address via Google Map, making service rendered to your contacts that much quicker!

Now you have a great way to use the Internet and MYOB to help your business succeed

MYOB Premier Feature Summary

  • General Ledger  
  • Cashbook  
  • Bank Reconciliation  
  • Sales/Purchases  
  • Debtors/Creditors   
  • Receivables/Payables  
  • Inventory Management  
  • Multi Locations  
  • Print Invoice, Cheque, etc    
  • Supports VAT/GST/NBT and other local taxes   
  • Recurring Transaction 
  • Import/Export to MS Office  
  • Project and Job Management 
  • Email direct from MYOB  
  • Print Over 200 Reports
  • Business Insight 
  • Multi-Currency 
  • Multi-User     
  • International Edition


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