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As information technologies seem to drive us into digital era with ever increasing speed, our computers become our best friends at accomplishing data storage and management tasks. Back those days when we could have hardly find hundreds of files on our hard drives 8 characters filename plus three characters extension were enough to suit our file sorting needs. Modern computer systems often have hundreds of thousands or even millions of files with long descriptive filenames, so the major trend these days is creating self-explanatory descriptive names for files or groups of files representing various photo albums, music tracks collections and so on. Handling thousands of file names may be a challenging task when we face the need to rename them all at once basing on our extensive set of criteria. Say one would like to modify filenames of a photo collection containing 7,000+ graphical files. Doing this manually will take weeks and will almost certainly drive the end user to mental disorder facility. So is there a way to automate the process? In fact, there is! Introducing Multi Renamer, the unique automatic file renaming software intended to ease your life and save you time, money and nerve! The application, as the name says, allows renaming multiple files located on your hard drive with a couple of mouse clicks. Simply design the new naming pattern, specify files you wish to rename automatically and you are ready to go! Thousands of files will be renamed to match your naming criteria within a second or two! Multi Renamer allows inserting date into filenames which is most convenient when building large file collections basing on time and date criteria. A number can be appended to filename to identify the order of appearance of photos in the image viewer or playback of music tracks in music player. Whatever your file organizing needs are Multi Renamer is the perfect choice! Use this superb tool to turn data havoc into well-organized storage.

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