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mSpy - Premium License (12-month) Vouchers

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mSpy is a cell phone tracking app that runs invisibly but still shines brighter than a disco ballJ. Close to being # 1 in mobile monitoring solutions, this software is packed with a variety of features and compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Symbian devices.

How does it work? Once you install this software onto the target mobile device, it starts stealthily capturing the data about all phone activities. You check this data by accessing your mSpy account from any PC at any time via any browser. Just as simple as that.

Key features: tracking calls, GPS location, SMS, chats, emails, browsing history; recording calls & phone surroundings; capturing photos & videos; blocking websites, apps and incoming calls, etc.

Advantages: 24/7 support (phone, online chat, Email, ticket system). Support of 11 languages. Many subscription options. Money back guarantee.

Who needs it? Anyone. Parents who want to supervise their kids. Business owners who need to make sure employees do what they are paid for and to prevent industrial espionage. People in relationships to overcome their trust issues. Tech geeks to try a new exciting product.

Is it legal? Yes. Provided the target device user doesn’t mind being monitored with this software.

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