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Modiac Blu-ray Ripper Vouchers

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Modiac blu-ray ripper , which is the most terrific conversion tool nowadays, could decrypt any one of the blu-ray discs you want and transfer them into every kinds of media formats you like in the incredible thunder speed. Its own patent techniques, called ShadowMatrix and TESLA codec engine technique, could remove all the protections and enhance the transport speed of Modiac, which make it become into a super toolkit in media convertion. Modiac blu-ray ripper is the fastest ripper in the world now. The loading time of setup program is only 3~5 mins compared with the others 10 mins, because of the patent TESLA codec engine technique, which is the innovative and unique technology in the world. Plus, it supports multi-core CPUs, and has adopted the newest NVIDIA CUDAs accelerating technology. So, the conversion speed is much faster than the other blu-ray ripping toolkits appeared in the market.Modiac blu-ray ripper can help you rip Blu-ray disc to any kinds of popular video files, such as MKV/MP4/AVI/WMV files, which are playable on the state-of-the-art consoles like PS3 and Xbox 360, HD player like WD TV Live, or mobile devices like iPod/iPhone/iPad, etc. It can also rip Blu-ray to all audio formats such as DVD, MP3, MP4, M4A, WMA, WAV, AC3 and DTS.More will be added in the future as development continues.

What is ShadowMatrix™?
An unique decrypt technique created by Modiac Working Staff, which can help you remove all the protection code quickly with high efficiency. Patent owned.

What is TESLA codec engine technique?
It is a unique compact programme capable of encoding and decoding with fast speed and more stability. This technique could help Modiac running stable and fast, because of the simple programme structure and optimized the coding and decoding algorithms.

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