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MessengerLog 8 - the only chat monitor that can record all rich format chat from popular instant messengers.

Introducing MessengerLog 8 - our new generation of chat monitor, get ready to monitor and record chat from all popular instant messengers: MSN/Windows Live messenger (from old Windows Messenger 4.x/5.x to latest version 2011), Yahoo Messenger (including latest version 10.x), AIM/AOL (including latest version 7.x, with encrypted protocol), ICQ (included latest version 7.x), Google GTalk, and Skype. Support record chat in both plain text and HTML/Rich text* format, including emotion icons, font and colors... The chat monitor system auto start when there's new chat session occurred, do not need to keep the main program running to monitor chat, the chat monitor will be running in a complete hidden (stealth) mode. And it's designed to support multi-user system, it will monitor chat from all windows users on the same computer. (*HTML/Rich text chat log format only available in Pro version)

Improved from previous versions, MessengerLog 8 has more features than ever before, such as, a improved auto chat log uploader, via email or FTP, suitable for parental controls. It is a robust chat log file manager, come with strong encryption and compression; an advanced chat log search engine. It also comes with automatic online updating feature, and 15 color themes.

Main features:

  • Version 7.5 new features:
    1. Group viewer feature - set a network shared folder for a group of users to store chat logs, so the whole team can share the chat logs instantly.
    2. Options and upload settings can be applied to all users' on the same computer.
    3. Fast switch password feature added to view chat logs encrypted with different password.
  • Record chat from Windows (MSN) Live Messenger (from old Windows Messenger 4.x/5.x to latest version 2011).
  • Record chat from Yahoo Messenger (including latest version 10.x).
  • Record chat from AIM/AOL messenger (including latest version 7.x, with encrypted protocol).
  • Record chat from ICQ (included latest version 7.x).
  • Record chat from Google GTalk.
  • Record chat from Skype.
  • Support record chat in both plain text and HTML/Rich text* format, including emotion icons, font and colors...
  • Compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • Automatic upload chat log by email or FTP. Support Email authorization. Support specific port for FTP and Email connection. Support specific FTP folder.
  • Improved upload scheduler.
  • Designed to support multi-user system, it will monitor chat from all windows users on the same computer.
  • Suitable for parent control and other monitoring purpose.
  • Suitable for your company to record custom supports which is provided via instant messengers.
  • Ignore list - you can select which contact you want to ignore from recording the chat.
  • Chat monitor auto start and running as a background service, do not need to open the main window to monitor chat.
  • Easy-to-use interface, makes recording and monitoring so simple.
  • Import and export feature supported, chat log can be exported to HTML, RTF, or TXT file.
  • Full unicode support.
  • Accessing and setting are all password protected.
  • Save, search and edit chat log easily and efficiently.
  • Set your favorite color. Fifteen color themes provided!
  • Date time stamp added to every chat.
  • FREE download and FREE to try for 30 days!
  • FREE 3-year upgrade!
  • FREE 3-year email technical support!

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