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Messenger Detect 3 - the chat monitoring software that can monitor and record all popular IM chat and web chat on your local network automatically and secretly!

Easy to use - you do not need to install any client software on the target computers (if your network device, router or switch, support port mirroring feature, or you have a HUB on your LAN, or you install it on the internet gateway computer).

Completely hidden - you do not need to open Messenger Detect and keep it running to monitor chat, the background service will auto start after install. It even supports upload chat log via FTP and email at schedule time! 

Do you worry about whether and what your employees chat on instant messengers during the office hours? Are you curious about what your spouse chats on instant messenger? Do you want to track your kid's IM chat? If so, Messenger Detect is the solution. Messenger Detect can sniffer and record all popular IM chat and web chat on your Local network. It works secretly without need to install any client software on the target computers. It's safe to use because accessing and setting are all protected by your password. The chat logs are saved as the same format as you see in the messengers and classified by datetime. You can search and edit them directly in the Messenger Detect, and also you can upload the chat log via FTP and email. Try Messenger Detect now, and you will be convinced!

Main features:

  • Monitor and record all popular Instant Messengers including MSN (Live) chat, AIM(AOL) chat (version before 6.x), Yahoo chat, ICQ, and Palringo chat on your local network automatically (if your network device support port mirroring feature or you have a HUB on your LAN).
  • Monitor and record all popular web chat including Facebook chat, ICQ2Go web chat, AIM Express web chat, Google Talk web gadget chat, MSN web messenger chat, Yahoo web messenger chat, MySpace chat, meebo.com web chat, and eBuddy.com web chat.
  • Do not need to open or run Messenger Detect and keep it running to monitor chat, the background service will auto start after install and will auto start when Windows starts up. Work as a complete hidden or spy mode.
  • Support monitoring received and sent facebook inbox messages.
  • Support logging MSN contact's online status.
  • No need to install any client software on the target computers, and work secretly undetected by the target computers. (if your network device support port mirroring feature or you have a HUB on your LAN)
  • Support upload chat log via FTP and email.
  • Easy-to-use interface makes detecting and recording simple.
  • Recoding options - you can select which IP you do not want to record the chat from.
  • Accessing to chat log content and settings are all password protected.
  • Record almost all contents of chats including Instant messages with color and font, emotion icons etc, and it's recorded in HTML format.
  • Chats are automatically saved as the same format as in the Messengers.
  • Search in the chat logs easily and efficiently.
  • Edit (delete) log directly in Messenger detect.
  • Set your favorite color. 15 color themes provided!
  • Date time stamp is added on every recorded message.
  • The type of chat are branded in the log as MSN/Yahoo/AOL/ICQ...
  • Support monitor chat from multiple network devices at same time and automatically select the active devices to monitor.
  • FREE download and FREE to try for 30 days!
  • 3-year FREE update!
  • 3-year FREE email technical support!

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