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Mask Surf Everything 2 Vouchers

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Safety above all - and we guard our computers with antivirus programs, firewalls, etc. Privacy is essential - and we... enter the Internet without giving a tiniest thought to protecting our private information. Your IP address, in other words your computer ID, as well as the location of your computer, the language your OS uses and other details are monitored and very often logged for future use at every site you visit while carelessly surfing the world wide web. Mask Surf Everything developers are absolutely sure your privacy is worth being protected and they guarantee it will be. Mask Surf Everything lets you hide or mask your identity while surfing the web. It is achieved by using Tor, a network of virtual tunnels that allows people and groups to improve their privacy and security on the Internet. Your tracks on the way to your Internet destination are covered by directing your request through several servers. Each server along the way knows only which server gave it data and which server it is giving data to. As each server sees no more than one hop in the circuit, it becomes impossible to link the connection's source and destination. Now that you understand how it works, which is rather complicated, you should also understand that the friendly interface of Mask Surf Everything lets you protect your privacy in the easiest possible way.

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